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Pawa – Dudnik

Band: Pawa
Album: Žyta
Genre: Folk-Rock / FolkTronica / Synthrock
Country: Belarus
Year: 2015

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“PAWA” consists of seven musicians performing a unique mixture of traditional European medieval music and modern electronic sound.

Musicians use such an unusual set of musical instruments as: traditional Belarusian bagpipe called “DUDA”, modern top-shelf synthesizers, exotic percussions, electric guitar, wooden pipe instru​ments, violin, cittern and much more.

Band plays mainly Belorussian (historically Magnus Ducatus Lithuaniae and Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów) traditional and medieval music but that not all. PAWAs repertoire consists of instru​mental compositions and vocal songs from other world regions include: Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and so on. Some songs are presented in such unique languages as- Old High German (Althochdeutsch), Breton (Brezhoneg), Old Church Slavonic.

The birth date of the band is February 17th of 2012, since that time PAWA played a lot of live gigs from small clubs to huge festivals. Band performance is always a great visual action and musical experience. PAWA is open for any proposals concerning concert organization we also with pleasure participate in charity acts.

PAWA members:
Dzmitry Barsukou - flute, cittern, vocal;
Maryna Hryshanova -flute, zhaleika, rauschpfeife, vocal;
Vitaly Kasavets - percussions, vocal;
Nadzeja Protko - violin, vocal;
Uras Pankevich - bagpipes, vocal;
Sedziankou Mikita - keybords ,vocal;
Shauchenka Siarhei - guitars ,vocal;


1. Dudnik
2. Žyta
3. Zaihraj Ža Mnie, Dudaročku
4. Zastukacieli, Zahrukacieli
5. Jurja
6. Iskarka-Pryhaŭka
7. Kałychanka
8. Chodzić Pava Pa Vulicy

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